The End! ...Sort of.

If you're still wanting to learn more about Advent Anglican and things pertaining to it (Wow! You're voracious!), here are some helpful links and resources.

Lenten Resources:

A Brief Primer for Lent. A brief explanation what Lent is all about, tips for making Lent work, and ideas for Lenten disciplines. You can also download a printable version of the primer.

Household Compline During Lent. It is formative for us to engage in a shared discipline as a parish. This evening liturgy can be enjoyed by individuals, couples, or families. The whole liturgy runs only about five minutes. You can download the print version. There is also a very basic audio file version.

Book Recommendations for Lent. Marissa Burt compiled a healthy list of book recommendations for the season of Lent. You can view this list along with her thoughts and insights on our website at Book Recommendations for Lent.

Advent and Christmas Resources:

Household Compline During the Season of Advent.  This liturgy can be enjoyed by individuals, couples, or families.  As a parish, we can more fully join in Advent compline together remotely.

Christmas Day Liturgy. This liturgy is about 12-minutes long and can be done individually or with friends/family.

Artist Profiles: Our Lay Pastor of the Arts, Jeremiah Webster, periodically interviews artists within and beyond the parish. Here are PDFs of some of those delightful interviews.

Kristina Bresnen, poet. June, 2015. (Download PDF). Also, her prize-winning poem "Consider the Lilies" can be read in ARC Poetry Magazine's issue 74, Summer 2014, pages 7-13.

Scott Wilder, novelist. January, 2015. (Download PDF)

Deborah Anderson, iconographer. October, 2014. (Download PDF)

Cathy Bobb, psalmist. July, 2014. (Download PDF)

Social Networking: You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Recommended Books: Here are a few books that are sure to satisfy your Anglican intrigue.

By Thomas McKenzie (published by Colony Catherine, 2014): The Anglican Way: A Guidebook. This is a simple and superb walk through what defines Anglicanism and why it is so well poised to serve Christians in today's American culture.

By N.T. Wright (published by HarperOne, 2008): Surprised by Hope: Rethinking the Resurrection. From contemporary Anglican scholar Wright, this is what many say is his most life-changing book.

By C.S. Lewis (published numerous times): Mere Christianity. There are countless Lewis recommendations, but if you've never read anything by him, start here.

By Jane Williams (published by The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 2011): Lectionary Reflections (Years A, B & C). A longstanding popular columnist writing weekly reflections on the lectionary readings, Williams comments on each set of Sunday readings with insight and feeling.

By Oxford University Press: The Book of Common Prayer (1979). Each version of the Book of Common Prayer has its advantages. At Advent Anglican, our liturgy is drawn almost entirely from the 1979 version. It is useful also for individual worship, as well as exploring foundational Anglican documents, contained therein.

By Cyril C. Richardson (published by Collier Books, 1970): Early Church Fathers. There are many books to turn to if you want to read some of the writings of the earliest Christians, but Richardson's is one of the most concise and accessible anthologies out there.

External Websites: At this point you're already aware of our connection to PEARUSA and the ACNA, but we'll give those links once more here, along with a few other helpful ones.

Our bishop is Bp. Ken Ross, who serves at International Anglican Church.

Our historical Anglican affiliation is through PEARUSA.

We are members of the Anglican Church in North America.

We are pleased to work alongside the ACNA's local Cascadia Diocese and its bishop, Bp. Kevin Allen.

When Anglicans speak of their global belonging, it is the Worldwide Anglican Communion to which they are referring.

A good consortium of blogging Anglican leaders is the popular Anglican Pastor blog.