A Collaborative Effort

Advent Anglican doesn't rest on the shoulders of any one individual. We all have a place of belonging and service here.

Oversight and pastoral care for our clergy is the responsibility of our bishop, Bp. Ken Ross. Local spiritual leadership is the duty of the Rector, Fr. Aaron Burt. Assisting clergy, Dcn. Jen Roach, Fr. Bruce Waltke, and Fr. Robert Dalgleish all support Fr. Aaron in his responsibilities to the parish. A group of elected lay leaders, called a Vestry, works with the Rector to tend to the financial and tangible needs of the parish while also providing the Rector with wise counsel. Jeremiah Webster fills out the pastoral presence as our Pastor of the Arts as well as a newly appointed Deacon. Other staff  serve as well, including our Director of Children's Ministry, Kristin Webster, and our dedicated Lead Musician, Regina Yeh. Administrator Donald Kimball keeps things running smoothly, and additional volunteers take on a variety of roles as we all join in the work of being a parish family.

The Role of the Clergy

The role of the clergy is to lead by serving. Jesus set the tone when he washed his disciples' feet and then gave up his life. The job of the clergy is not to direct attention to themselves, but to point the people continually toward Christ. He is our true leader and, graciously, our greatest servant.

The Pastoral Team

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