Welcome to Advent Anglican.

A lot of things make Advent Anglican a great community. But the best things about Advent aren't specific to this particular parish; they're specific to God, to his work and presence in the midst of his people everywhere. We think the odds are good you'll find a parish home here and come to love Advent Anglican, but what we really hope you'll fall in love with is God himself. That relationship is our focus.

Scroll down through this page to get a quick feel for who we are and what we value. At the very bottom you'll find information for visiting us on a Sunday. I hope you'll do that. God has been graciously generous here, and we're eager to share with you the work he is doing in our lives--and to learn about his work in your life too.

Thanks for taking the time to explore Advent Anglican. All my best, and God's blessings to you!

Fr. Aaron Burt+