Advent is a place of Food, Shelter, Family, Labor.

A grace is a divinely given gift. God has given generously to this parish, and we've noticed that he has especially blessed us with what we call our "Four Graces." Our intent is to enjoy them, grow into them, and put them to fruitful use.

Food: Though he is Lord, Jesus stands among us as one who serves, saying, “Sit, eat.” At Advent we hunger for the Lord, and we believe he is ever ready to feed us spiritually.
Shelter: Advent is a place of safety, stillness, healing—of holy shelter. This is not a call to retreat into a cave, but rather a call to come safely out of the caves we’ve been hiding in, languishing in. It is slow and steady resurrection.
Family: At Advent, we see each other not as age brackets, marital statuses, or skill sets, but as family. Christ makes us family and calls us to enjoy that reality. And enjoy it, we do!
Labor: As we receive Food, find Shelter, and enjoy Family, we become eager for Labor. Advent is a place where we discover and step into the work God built us to do, knowing that he is the one who works within us to accomplish it.