Welcome to Advent Anglican.

A lot of things make Advent Anglican a great community. But the best things about Advent aren't specific to this particular parish; they're specific to God, to his work and presence in the midst of his people everywhere. We think the odds are good you'll find a parish home here and come to love Advent Anglican, but what we really hope you'll fall in love with is God himself. That relationship is our focus.

Scroll down through this page to get a quick feel for who we are and what we value. At the very bottom you'll find information for visiting us on a Sunday. I hope you'll do that. God has been graciously generous here, and we're eager to share with you the work he is doing in our lives--and to learn about his work in your life too.

Thanks for taking the time to explore Advent Anglican. All my best, and God's blessings to you!

Fr. Aaron Burt+



Leadership at Advent

Leadership at Advent Anglican

A Collaborative Effort

Advent Anglican doesn't rest on the shoulders of any one individual. We all have a place of belonging and service here.

Oversight and pastoral care for our clergy is the responsibility of our bishop Bp. Ken Ross. Local spiritual leadership is the duty of the rector Fr. Aaron Burt.

Assisting clergy Dcn. Jeremiah Webster, Fr. Troy Henley, and Fr. Bruce Waltke all support Fr. Aaron in his responsibilities to the parish.

A group of elected lay leaders, called a vestry, works with the rector to tend to the financial and tangible needs of the parish while also providing the Rector with wise counsel.

Other staff serve as well including our Operations Manager Robin Lemke who keeps things running smoothly, our Communications Coordinator Janeen Sorensen, our dedicated Lead Musician Regina Yeh, and additional volunteers who take on a variety of roles as we all join in the work of being a parish family.

The Pastoral Team

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The Role of the Clergy

The role of the clergy is to lead by serving. Jesus set the tone when he washed his disciples' feet and then gave up his life. The job of the clergy is not to direct attention to themselves, but to point the people continually toward Christ. He is our true leader and, graciously, our greatest servant.


Our Three Heritages

Our Three Heritages

As a parish, we're committed to staying rooted in our three heritages:

We are a church. We are Anglican. We are Advent.

We are a church.

That may sound obvious, but it's important nonetheless. By its very nature a church must possess certain qualities, and we boldly embrace them at Advent Anglican. Because we are a church, we are:

Dominical: The word dominical means belonging to the Lord. All we do and all we are belongs to the Lord: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The whole Church is his. This parish is his.

Missional: We continue the work of the apostles, handed down throughout the generations, to carry out Christ’s mission to all people.

Biblical: Scripture is authoritative in our lives. We encourage dialogue and debate about interpretation and application, but at the end of the day, we're firm on this: We mold ourselves to comply with the Word of God, not the other way around.

We are Anglican.

The Church, broadly speaking, is much bigger than just Anglicanism. But for us, Anglicanism is a particular expression of Christianity that we are rooted in and committed to. With it comes certain distinctives. As Anglicans, we are:

Historical: Anglicanism embodies a way of worship that was crafted in the first century, found new vigor in the Reformation, and is still fresh with vitality today. Anglicanism rests on centuries of practice, and rather than seeing ourselves as standing on the shoulders of our forebears, we tend to prefer sitting at their feet.

Liturgical: Through the liturgy, Anglican life is rooted and rhythmic. We're shaped by the seasons, such as Lent or Christmastide. We are drawn into healthy patterns of worship by wholesome repetition. The word liturgy literally means the work of the people; it's collaborative, actively engaging all in the sweet labor of worship.

Sacramental: Sacramentality indicates that God works in and through his creation to reach and touch people. We witness this most clearly in the sacraments of baptism and communion, but we learn to also see the presence and activity of God all around us, as everything bears the mark of its Creator.

Ecumenical: Termed “the middle way” for its diversity and compatibility, Anglicanism is the largest expression of the Church that endorses other denominations and representations of the Christian faith. Whether you're Baptist, Assemblies of God, Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, or non-denominational, you might be surprised to find how well Anglicanism fits you.

We are Advent.

Of course, as a parish, we have our own quirks and qualities. While these things change over time, we remain rooted in these beginnings:

Northwest Anglican: We were planted in 2011 through the efforts of a nonprofit called Northwest Anglican, which Fr. Aaron started.

PEARUSA: Our connection to the worldwide Anglican communion was first established through PEARUSA, a large mission effort of the Anglican province of Rwanda. The dynamism and faithfulness of the Rwandan leadership was richly rewarding for us.

ACNA: PEARUSA graciously disestablished itself in 2016 in order to place its members fully within The Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). The ACNA is a collaboration of over a hundred thousand Anglicans in North America, and it is our tie to the global Anglican Communion, consisting of 80 million people around the world.

Our Four Graces: The culture of Advent Anglican is also shaped by what we describe as "Our Four Graces," which you can learn about below.

You'll find external links and further information about PEARUSA, the ACNA, and how the above values shape the culture at Advent Anglican on the following page entitled Learn More.


Our Four Graces

Our Four Graces

Advent is a place of Food, Shelter, Family, Labor.

A grace is a divinely given gift. God has given generously to this parish, and we've noticed that he has especially blessed us with what we call our "Four Graces." Our intent is to enjoy them, grow into them, and put them to fruitful use.

Food: Though he is Lord, Jesus stands among us as one who serves, saying, “Sit, eat.” At Advent we hunger for the Lord, and we believe he is ever ready to feed us spiritually.

Shelter: Advent is a place of safety, stillness, healing—of holy shelter. This is not a call to retreat into a cave, but rather a call to come safely out of the caves we’ve been hiding in, languishing in. It is slow and steady resurrection.

Family: At Advent, we see each other not as age brackets, marital statuses, or skill sets, but as family. Christ makes us family and calls us to enjoy that reality. And enjoy it, we do!

Labor: As we receive Food, find Shelter, and enjoy Family, we become eager for Labor. Advent is a place where we discover and step into the work God built us to do, knowing that he is the one who works within us to accomplish it.


What’s Next?

What's Next?

Join us for Worship: Sundays, 10 a.m. in Kirkland.

We'd love for you to join us on a Sunday. The full liturgy, music, and even directives are printed in our bulletins, making it easy to join in.

We meet on Sundays at 10 a.m. at Butterfield Chapel on Northwest University’s campus in Kirkland, surrounded by all kinds of outdoor beauty and room for after-worship fun. The address is 5531 111th Ln NE, Kirkland, WA 98033. A map is provided below. 

Advent is fortunate to have a broad range of ages represented in a parish of about 120 people on a Sunday.

Children make up a good portion of our parish. We have two well-developed programs for ages 4-11, drawing largely from the Godly Play and Young Children in Worship curricula. For the youngest children, we also have a nursery, which includes a special lesson time for toddlers. Older children are considered an integral part of the parish, so we keep them in with their families for worship. Indeed, about half of our time together is spent with all ages together sharing in worship. All our volunteers working with children must supply a personal reference and are run through a national background check under Shepherd's Watch, a service provided by the well-established ministry organization, Group.

Also, you might be glad to know that our building is fully handicap accessible and our communion bread is free of most major allergens (and yet tastes great!).

That may be all the information you need in order to plan a visit, but if you're still curious you can continue to our "Learn More" page. Or, if listening to one of our sermons first would be helpful, you can do that here in our Community Resources section. And if you have more prosaic questions (about parking or when we dismiss, for example) or just want to make a personal connection, by all means feel free to contact Fr. Aaron Burt by clicking here. He'll be glad to hear from you.