Reverent Worship and Relaxed Community

At Advent Anglican, we take God seriously, but ourselves--not too much. We value the blend of reverence for the holiness of God with the light-hearted freedom and joy that he plants in our lives. You'll find no formal greeters; instead you'll encounter ordinary people who are happy to be here and genuinely hopeful you'll enjoy it too. People tend to fit in easily here, as there's an emphasis on Christian charity and a belief that we work together in our worship and our spiritual growth.

A Curious Diversity

When you start asking people at Advent about their previous experience with Christianity and church, you realize what an eclectic group we are. And if you stick around for a while, you'll start to notice we're a quirky bunch in plenty of other ways too! Curiously, that diversity extends to our addresses as well. While some of us are local, others drive from as far as an hour away to participate at Advent Anglican. You'll see why. This parish is made up of some fascinating people, and that's part of what draws us despite the distance for some. You'll surely find other good churches nearer to your home--maybe even ones that are a better fit for you--but you won't find a copy of Advent Anglican. Who we are and what we do is delightfully uncommon.

We're a "Sunday Church"

Sunday has always been the big day for churches. Increasingly though, there has been a pull to create midweek meetings and increase the demand on people's schedules. Naturally, there are pros and cons to this. Fighting midweek traffic in this area is probably the first con that comes to mind! The second is that many people today lead over-busy, over-committed lives already. Adding another midweek appointment to the calendar can be life-draining rather than life-giving.

So we've learned how to be an effective "Sunday church." All the components of parish life are accessible by attending on Sundays.

For us this means that our four graces (Food, Shelter, Family, Labor--described here) must be active on Sundays in order to bring the whole parish into them. If you visit us on Sundays for a while, you'll get a full picture of our parish life. You'll see us do "Second Breakfasts" during the season of Easter, offer intercessory prayer with clergy during Lent, play board games, watch and discuss films, hold poetry readings, enjoy picnics, work through new member courses, and more--not to mention standard Sunday elements like studying Scripture, receiving communion, corporate prayer, and occasionally Baptism and Confirmation. All of this is woven into the fabric of Sundays together.

Beyond Sunday

We make sure a full portion of parish life happens on Sunday, but, of course, being a "Sunday Church" isn't a strict rule. There's occasional church activity outside of Sundays as well. And we encourage people to form their own groups, gatherings, and studies midweek as their individual schedules and proximities allow. Our goal is to have a robust Sunday experience that provides them with the chance to connect with each other; as those relationships grow, people naturally carry their connection beyond Sundays.