Click here to view the full Confirmation Course Syllabus for the March - April, 2019 course. See below for links to apps, readings, podcasts, and articles referenced in the course syllabus.

Personal Practice of Prayer

To further acquaint you with Anglican practices of prayer, worship, and liturgy beyond Sunday, we are requiring that you engage in a four-times-daily practice of prayer for the four weeks of this course. You will be provided with a choice from among three “tools” for carrying this out:

Whichever tool you select, it will guide you through four “hours” of prayer. Each “hour” takes only a couple minutes, but they will soon become anchor points of spiritual connection for your days.

Week 1

  • Read from The Anglican Way: Part I

  • Listen to Podcast 1

Week 2

  • Read An Outline of the Faith (the catechism from the 1979 BCP, pages 844-862)

  • Read from The Anglican Way: Part II

  • Listen to Podcast 2

Week 3

  • Read from The Anglican Way: Part III

  • Listen to Podcast 3

Week 4